About Us

It started with a poorly Oak tree in our garden. For the health of the tree and our safety, we had to prune the affected branches. This left us with a pile of spalted oak and an idea…

Tea light holders and Christmas decorations ensued with great feedback from friends and family and the idea grew further…

A lot of emphasis is finally being placed on using locally sourced ingredients. Often though, this beautiful, high quality produce is presented on mass produced serving boards which are frequently imported and often have questions about their sustainability and provenance. At the very least, they tend not be durable and need replacing more often.

Over 18 months we renovated an old semi-derelict outbuilding into our family owned workshop, found a (very) local supplier of sustainably managed Yorkshire oak and spent hours on learning, practice, product development and refinement until we were ready to launch our unique range of bar and tableware in November 2020.

Our oak trees come from a carefully managed 20,000-acre country estate. Predominantly using tree trunks too small for larger producers, this beautiful natural resource is rescued from becoming firewood. We then make items that, when properly looked after, should last a lifetime. The serving board equivalent of ‘slow fashion’.

All the processes to turn the trunks into finished products are done by us onsite. This allows us to ensure the highest levels of quality and sustainability throughout. Our small batch production enables customisation and bespoke requirements to be catered for as required.